Construction and Building Services

We provide skilled personnel in building services such as Tiles Setting, Building Painting, Interior Wall Finishing & Decorations, Architectural Glass & Metals, Project Pay Items, Fit-Out and Variation Jobs, Land Development Projects.

Mine/Cement Process
Plant Maintenance Services

MINCON ENTERPRISES provides maintenance services on most plant equipment i.e. Mill Liner assembly replacement and maintenance, Kiln Furnace rebricking, Kiln Liner assembly replacement, Baghouse maintenance replacement of bagfilters and housing assembly, Electrostatic Precipitator maintenance and cleanup, and many others.

Rentals, Trader and Parts Supply

MINCON ENTERPRISES offers industry standard equipment with highly trained operators for different applications.

Our fleet boasts of the best brands available in the market to ensure maximum productivity and reliability to guarantee uninterrupted operations.

We bring with us our proficiency in equipment operation and maintenance that include construction and road maintenance.

We supply various light and heavy equipment consumables and spare parts e.g. dumptrucks, pickup trucks, excavators, dozers, graders, cranes, etc.

We also extend our operation as trader and supplier for various Metal products, Safety Products, Agricultural Equipment, High end Two-way Radio Communication & Electronic products, Lightning Arrester, Solar Street Lighting used for commercial & industrial establishment.